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Freehold Eye Care Office

Freehold Eye Care Office

Dry Eyes in Freehold

There is no long term danger in dry eyes, but it’s uncomfortable and frustrating. At Spare Pair Vision Center, we want you to get relief and to avoid recurrences. You can get dry eyes at any time of year, but it’s a particularly common problem in the fall and winter.

Your eyes may not be making enough tears. But even if they are, if those tears are not of a sufficiently good composition, you may still have a problem and need the help of our Freehold eye care office. In addition to the difficulties that have originated organically, there are external factors that can take the situation that is already bad and make it even worse. At the top of the list is dry air. And when you heat your home this time of year, your indoor environment is anything but moist. Of course, you can correct that by investing in one or more humidifiers. Exposure to smoke and wind also contribute to the challenges. If you are a smoker or you spend a lot of time around those who smoke, it can be difficult to avoid it. Wind is easier, because you can wear eyeglasses or sunglasses as a shield. If you don’t already have a pair, you can get them from our Freehold eye care office. When you come in for dry eye evaluation and treatment, our eye doctor will conduct an examination and may do special tests to measure the quantity and quality of your tears. Artificial tears, a medication applied as eye drops, is available over-the-counter or you can get a prescription from our Freehold eye care office for a stronger version. In more serious cases, surgery is a possibility.

Get attention for your dry eyes instead of putting up with them throughout the cold months. Reach out to our Freehold eye care office to schedule an appointment.

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