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Cataract Surgery Morganville

Cataracts eye care in Morganville

Cataract surgery Morganville

Cataract surgery Morganville

When the effects of cataracts have reached a point where your eyeglasses or contact lenses are no longer enough to counteract them, you may need to consider cataract surgery in Morganville. Here at Spare Pair Vision Center, we’re committed to helping you to see your best, even when you have cataracts. Depend on us for the advice, guidance, and recommendations to point you in the right direction.

When you are first diagnosed with cataracts, which is characterized by a buildup of protein on your eye lenses, you will start to experience blurry or cloudy vision. However, typically you able to see adequately thanks to corrective lenses. Cataracts is a progressive disease, though, and cataract surgery in Morganville is designed to step in where your prescription lenses have ceased to be sufficient in giving you clear vision. The way it works is that since there is no way to remove cataracts from your eye lenses, the lenses themselves are removed. This eliminates the cloudy and blurry vision, but without your eye lenses, you cannot focus. This can be corrected either with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or with devices called intraocular lens implants or IOLs. They essentially replace your eye lenses. The good news is that the IOLs can be placed during the same procedure when your eye lenses are removed, so you don’t have to go through two separate surgeries. And advancements in technology have led to the creation of multifocal IOLs, so you will be able to see with sharpness and clarity up close, at a distance, and in the intermediate range, too. There is no doubt that cataract surgery in Morganville can give you back a level of independence that you may have given up on.

Schedule an examination by calling our office. If cataracts have interfered with your ability to live your life the way you want, you should know that there’s a great solution available.

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