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When it comes to children, finding eyeglasses which make your son or daughter and you happy can be a challenge, to put it lightly. Kids want to feel confident knowing they look good in the eyeglasses they need to see clearly and learn at their best speed, while parents want to know that the frames they pick out will stand up to the rough and tumble lives that so many of our active kids lead. Fortunately, the perfect pair of children’s prescription eyeglasses for boys and girls alike can be found right at the offices your local Monmouth opticians. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff of the Spare Pair Vision Center carry a wide selection of children’s eyewear at affordable glasses for you and your son or daughter to find the perfect fit for their eyes.

Kid's Eyewear Monmouth County

Kid’s Eyewear Monmouth County

It’s no secret that kids often have trouble taking care of things, especially ones that are increasingly fragile and need to be worn on a daily and constant basis for perfect vision. When your son or daughter needs eyeglasses to see clearly every minute of their waking lives, you need more than just durable frames, you need lenses that can hold up to the test. Fortunately, the latest in optical technology has created lenses that will not only help your child see clearly, but can actually work to protect their eyes from injury too. Polycarbonate lenses are one of the most durable on the market today. These lenses can be made to fit even the most finicky of prescriptions, and can be treated with a wide variety of coatings to insure the best fit possible for your child’s unique needs. Polycarbonate is actually resistant to impact, making these lenses from your trusted Monmouth opticians a perfect choice for active kids of any age.

Optical technology is an ever-advancing science, and just as lenses have become more durable and suitable for active lives, so have the frames they are fitted to. Memory metal stands today as one of the most exciting new materials available for ophthalmic eyeglass frames. Available from many designer brands today, such as Nike at our professional Monmouth opticians center, these frames have the unique ability to be twisted, warped, and even crushed, and will simply snap back from the damage to resume their original desired form. You can find lots of styles at Spare Pair Vision Center in memory metal or Flexon by Marchon for adults and children alike.

At Spare Pair Vision Center we understand the unique needs of our clients and the individual lives they lead. That’s we strive to carry a vast array of lenses and frames for adults and children alike at great prices. For a perfect pair of frames for your son or daughter, be sure to ask our staff at Spare Pair Vision Center about the benefits of polycarbonate lenses and memory metal frames for durable eyeglasses for your child’s sight.

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