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You can enjoy all of the benefits that contact lenses have to offer and you can do so with peace of mind when you come to Spare Pair Vision Center. That’s because with a contact lens exam and fitting, you will walk out with contacts that are comfortable and give you the best and most sharpest vision possible. Our Manalapan optometrist is committed to your eye health and to helping you achieve clear and unencumbered sight.

07726 Contact Lens Exam

07726 Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam is a more thorough and detailed version of your standard eye exam, the one that is recommended for everyone once per year. But because contact lenses sit inside your eye, touching it, checking parts such as your conjunctiva, your eyelids and your corneas is essential. And the curvature of your cornea is also important for our Manalapan optometrist to determine. Unlike eyeglasses, your contacts are much closer to your eyes. All of this will help to avoid any fuss or trouble as you get used to wearing your contacts.

Improperly fit contact lenses can be uncomfortable and may not provide the level of vision correction that they were intended to by our Manalapan optometrist. It’s important that your contacts sit right within your eyes and are aligned accurately. In addition to those concerns, it’s a simple fact that if your contact lenses feel comfortable, you will feel more enthusiastic about wearing them. They certainly won’t do any good sitting in their case, will they?

Our Manalapan optometrist will help you to decide whether soft or rigid lenses are best suited to your needs and your comfort level. Soft lenses also offer a choice among daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color changing. You can even get color changing contacts just for fun, without vision correction. Contact lenses give you advantages over eyeglasses such as maintaining your full range of vision, including that crucial side to side vision. It’s easier to participate in physical activities or sports with contacts. And you need not be concerned about altering your physical appearance nor with anyone knowing you wear them, unless you want to tell them. Why not call us right now and schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam and fitting?

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Manalapan Family Eye Care

Manalapan Family Eye Care

Our goal at Spare Pair Vision Center is to provide the Manalapan, NJ community adults, children and adolescents with a new eye care experience.  Our Manalapan opticians and frame stylists are specially trained to help each customer find eyeglasses that meet his or her personal needs and unique sense of style.  Our Manalapan family vision care provides a broad selection of the latest styles in eyewear from the trendy designers like David Yurman, 2.5 Swissflex, and Michael Kors to sports eyewear including Nike Eyewear so you are sure to find eyeglasses that fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Manalapan Vision Care

For customers who may need an eye exam, our onsite Manalapan optometrist is eager to serve.  Using the latest in diagnostic technology, our eye doctors conduct thorough eye exams to ensure that your prescription provides you with eyeglasses or lenses that optimize your vision and enhance your overall quality of life. If your exam indicates that you need to see an ophthalmologist for a medical evaluation, our doctors will refer you to a range of highly qualified physicians in the area.  And all of this is available in our Manalapan family vision contemporary retail eye care setting in our community.

Manalapan Family Eye Testing
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