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Eye Treatment in Manalapan NJ

Macular Degeneration in Manalapan NJ

Eye treatment in Manalapan NJ

Eye treatment in Manalapan NJ

Suffering from Macular Degeneration? At Spare Pair Vision Center, we’ve provided high-quality personalized eye care for many years, earning ourselves recognition as among the most skilled and effective providers of eye treatment in Manalapan NJ. Contact us and book an appointment to receive the treatment you need in a warm and professional atmosphere; your eyesight is worth the trouble!

While known treatments for Macular Degeneration are currently limited, our team of highly skilled professionals can provide you with the best diagnosis, information, and care possible. If you’re having trouble reading, driving a car, recognizing faces, or seeing objects in fine detail in the center of your vision, be sure to tell your eye doctor that you’re worried you may be suffering from Macular Degeneration. Conveniently located and with excellent availability, our office encourages you to book an appointment with Spare Pair Vision Center right away so that you can receive a comprehensive eye exam and eye treatment in Manalapan NJ that will ensure that any eye disease or abnormalities you may be suffering from are detected early and treated effectively. Macular Degeneration occurs when the central portion of the retina deteriorates, interfering with the process by which the eye sends information to the optic nerve. This central portion, called the macula, focuses central vision in the eye and recognizes shapes, making it an important facet of healthy vision. While there is no known cure for Macular Degeneration, there are some lifestyle habits that have been shown to reduce the risks of developing the condition. These include dieting, exercising, avoiding smoking, and limiting your eyes’ exposure to ultraviolet light. If you have already been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, ask your doctor about what treatments are available for slowing its progression.

If you struggle with Macular Degeneration, call Spare Pair Vision Center and see what eye treatment in Manalapan NJ our staff of skilled professionals can offer you. We’re here to help!

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