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Are you concerned about the care you need for your eyes following your state of the art optical surgery? Many of us long for vision correction through laser eye surgeries, but while the procedure is in fact very short and simple to perform, the same cannot often be said about the process of healing and after care that is necessary to insure successful vision correction. Fortunately, the care you need can be closer and more convenient than ever before. For post-operation optical health care that works around your schedule, simply visit the experts at your local Monmouth eye doctor of Spare Pair Vision Center to find out how Dr. Ron Lin can work to insure your eyes heal fully and perfectly for clear vision you can count on.

Post-Operative LASIK Care 07726

Post-Operative LASIK Care 07726

While many of us are often concerned about the dangers of laser eye surgery, the truth is that your eyes are at more risk during the weeks that follow in the delicate healing process than they are for the few minutes it requires for your optical surgeon to correct the vision problems inside your eyes. Patients should not shower or wash their hair until the day after an optical surgery, and it is highly recommended that you also avoid washing your hair for at least one week after. You should not rub your eyes during this one week period. Your trusted Monmouth eye doctor will provide you with an eye shield or otherwise special optical goggles that must be worn for at least one week following surgery. Dusty and otherwise dirty areas should be avoided during the first week as well, as eyes are still prone to infection during this crucial healing time. Only use newly purchased make-up, and only after one week has passed since your procedure. You should not exercise for two days after a procedure, and must wear protective eye wear for one month during work outs, as the surface of the eye can be easily damaged while it is still healing. Swimming pools, saunas, and chemically adjusted waters of any kind, such as hot tubs, and even natural lakes, must be avoided for at least two weeks after your procedure. Sunglasses should always be worn, but it is especially important for the first year of your new perfect vision to avoid any chance of optical scaring.

Your optical surgeon will also recommend regular visits with a professional eye doctor throughout the healing process to make sure eyes are healing correctly for perfect vision. Fortunately, you can find the care you need for this crucial time right at your neighborhood Monmouth eye doctor. Dr. Ron Lin of the Spare Pair Vision Center is professionally trained and certified in the specific needs of post-operative cataract and refractive optical surgeries, making it easy for you to get the care you need when you need it most.

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Manalapan Family Eye Care

Manalapan Family Eye Care

Our goal at Spare Pair Vision Center is to provide the Manalapan, NJ community adults, children and adolescents with a new eye care experience.  Our Manalapan opticians and frame stylists are specially trained to help each customer find eyeglasses that meet his or her personal needs and unique sense of style.  Our Manalapan family vision care provides a broad selection of the latest styles in eyewear from the trendy designers like David Yurman, 2.5 Swissflex, and Michael Kors to sports eyewear including Nike Eyewear so you are sure to find eyeglasses that fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Manalapan Vision Care

For customers who may need an eye exam, our onsite Manalapan optometrist is eager to serve.  Using the latest in diagnostic technology, our eye doctors conduct thorough eye exams to ensure that your prescription provides you with eyeglasses or lenses that optimize your vision and enhance your overall quality of life. If your exam indicates that you need to see an ophthalmologist for a medical evaluation, our doctors will refer you to a range of highly qualified physicians in the area.  And all of this is available in our Manalapan family vision contemporary retail eye care setting in our community.

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