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Marlboro Township optometrist

Marlboro Township optometrist

It may not seem like it, since kids have fresh healthy eyes, but it’s highly important to give your children a yearly eye exam and make sure that their eye care is a priority. Many preschoolers have vision problems and parents may not know it until their first exam. Learning in school and being able to see properly is crucial to a child’s grades and developing eyesight. An estimated five to ten percent of young children and 25 percent of school children have issues with their vision. Infants should have their eyes checked starting at 6 months old, and children at age 3. Scheduling their first appointment with our Marlboro Township optometrist at Spare Pair Vision Center can get them started on a path to lifelong healthy eyes.

Children should then get an eye exam every two years if no vision correction is needed. For children who need eyeglasses, an annual exam is recommended. Pediatric eye care without Marlboro Township optometrist is important to ensure that kids are able to see and have basic visual skills for learning, such as near vision, distance, focusing and hand/eye coordination. Our offices are comfortable and relaxing so that kids can be focused and at ease when having their first eye exam.

The best time to schedule your pediatric eye exam with our Marlboro Township optometrist is when your child is happy and awake. When children and alert and curious it makes them more manageable during exams where they may normally become impatient. Our doctor will then ask for a history about your child before performing a short vision test and an eye health exam. We’ll also ask if there’s a family history of vision problems or eye disease, in order to best treat your child. We will make up a full case so that when you bring your child back annually, everything will be on file and can be referred back to quickly in order to check for any changes in vision. They may determine if eyeglasses are needed, and if so, our complete optical department can have a prescription made up for them same day. We carry a wide range of fashionable and fun frames so that your child is happy with their new glasses.

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