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Do you have astigmatism but still want to wear contact lenses? Have you heard that this can be a problem, as it is difficult with people with astigmatism to achieve vision correction with contact lenses? Well, that might have been true several years back, but today patients, even those with astigmatism, can wear contact lenses to improve their vision. You may want to visit our practice, Spare Pair Vision Center, for Manalapan astigmatism treatment.

Our vision practice has been delivering outstanding eye care services to members of the Monmouth community for many years. We have excellent eye doctors on staff, and provide important comprehensive eye exams. We also provide contact lens exams, during which we will evaluate your eyes to make sure they can comfortably and safely accommodate contact lenses. Measurements of your eyes are taken, the curvature of your corneas are analyzed, and your eyes may even be tested for dry eye. If eyes are not producing enough tears, wearing contacts will not only be uncomfortable, it may be damaging to the patient’s eyes. During our eye exams, your eyes will be tested for astigmatism. If necessary, you will have Manalapan astigmatism treatment by having appropriately prescribed contact lenses.

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that can be corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. When someone has astigmatism, they have an irregular curvature of the cornea. People with astigmatism may experience headaches, fatigue, eyestrain, or blurred vision in the distance. Manalapan astigmatism treatment includes prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. If the astigmatism is very slight correction may not be needed. With astigmatism, toric contact lenses need to be prescribed. Toric lenses have a strong light bending power. Our eye doctor will be able to determine which is the best toric lens prescription for you. Astigmatism can also be corrected with laser surgery, much in the same way as nearsightedness or farsightedness are corrected – by reshaping the cornea. You will be able to conveniently purchase your toric contact lenses at Spare Pair Vision Center. So, if you are looking forward to wearing contacts for the first time, or need a new contact lens or eyeglass prescription, make an appointment today to see our doctor at Spare Pair Vison Center.

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