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Dry eyes and fall weather in Freehold

Freehold eye doctor

Freehold eye doctor

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. The fall brings with it changing leaf color, pumpkin spice, and a relief from the heat and humidity. It also, however, brings with it more windy days, and that can put you at greater risk for dry eyes. At Spare Pair Vision Center, our Freehold eye doctor has the solutions to keep you feeling comfortable and seeing your best.

The root cause of dry eyes is that your eyes are not producing a sufficient amount of tears to keep your eyes lubricated. It’s also possible that you have enough tears, but their quality is poor, which also makes lubrication inefficient. Among the factors that can make the problem worse is smoke, including your own and secondhand smoke. You will know that dry eyes are a concern for you when you begin to notice symptoms like blurred vision, redness in your eyes, a sensation such as stinging or burning, tired eyes, and sensitivity to light. If you wear contacts, you may also experience discomfort from wearing them. Diagnosis is determined by our Freehold eye doctor performing an eye exam, possibly with additional tests to gauge the quantity and quality of your tears. The good news is that treating dry eyes, even in the fall, is usually not very difficult. Artificial tears, in eye drop form, will often do the job. They can be bought at most drug stores, and if you need a stronger version, our Freehold eye doctor can prescribe one. It makes sense to take some precautions, and one that you should most certainly consider in the fall is to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you go outside on windy days. That will go a long way toward keeping your eyes from drying out further.

Call our Freehold eye doctor office and arrange an appointment to come in for an eye exam. Prepare yourself for both the fall and the upcoming winter, with the possibility of dry eyes and its effects.

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