Eye Exam in Marlboro Township

Contact lens versus eyeglass prescriptions

Eye exam in Marlboro Township

Eye exam in Marlboro Township

Have you been thinking about getting contact lenses for the first time? This is very exciting. Wearing contact lenses is considered by many to be much more comfortable than wearing glasses. There is no constant pressure on the bridge of your nose from eyeglass frames. And when you look around you will not see the eyeglass frame appear in your line of vision. However, getting a contact lens prescription is a bit more involved than getting a regular eyeglass prescription. This is because contact lens prescriptions contain additional information about your eyes. If you need an eye exam in Marlboro Township for contact lenses or regular eyeglasses, come see us at Spare Pair Vision Center.

At Spare Pair Vision Center our optometrists are experts in the field of eye care. They are: Dr. John Collini, Dr. Michelle Alcala, Dr. Alane Goldberg, Dr. Ron Lin, and Dr. Jonathan Gerard. When you come for an eye exam in Marlboro Township you will be asked if you are going to need a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Getting a prescription for contact lenses takes an exam that is a bit longer. During a regular exam, your eyes are tested and measured for refractive error, and they are screened for a large number of eye diseases and disorders including: glaucoma; diabetic retinopathy; macular degeneration; cataracts; retinal tears; and other problems of the cornea, macula and retina. During a contact lens eye exam, this and other procedures are performed by our optometrist.

During our contact eye exam in Marlboro Township our eye doctor will also take some important measurements of your eyes. Contact lenses are prescribed to fit your eyes, and your eyes alone. Even if someone shares your same refractive error problem, chances are great that they will not be able to safely wear your contact lenses. The curvature of the cornea is measured to make sure that the contact lens will fit the cornea perfectly. Otherwise, the cornea can be scratched and damaged by improper fitting lenses. Our optometrist will use a keratometer to measure the curvature of your eyes’ corneas. Our eye doctor will also use a biomicroscope to review the surface of your eye. Measurements will help our optometrist to determine what type of contact lens will provide you with the sharpest vision. If your eye’s surface is irregular due to astigmatism, you may need toric contact lenses to offset distortions caused by the astigmatism. Your eyes’ pupils will also be measured for size. A tear film evaluation may also be performed to see if you have dry eyes and if you can comfortably wear contact lenses. For a contact lens exam, contact our practice today.

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