Cataract treatment Whittier Oaks

Cataract Treatment Whittier Oaks

A cataract is an eye disease that makes the normally clear lens of your eye cloudy. When the lens becomes cloudy from a cataract, it causes the image the retina receives to be blurry, which results in blurry vision. It is very important to get evaluated and to start cataract treatment Whittier Oaks as soon as possible.

There is more than one cause for cataracts. While the majority of cataracts develop with age, congenital cataracts are present at birth. No cause can be found in most patients however, congenital cataracts can often occur as a result of certain birth defects. Cataracts can even develop in children. Some cataracts are caused by inherited genetic disorders that cause other health problems. Cataracts can also be caused by the following non-age related factors: long term use of steroid medications, trauma to the eye (or eyes), past eye surgery, medical conditions such as diabetes and other eye conditions. No matter what the cause, cataracts need to be treated or they can worsen to the point of causing blindness. There are different treatments available for cataracts during the different stages of the condition. In the beginning, stronger lighting and eye glasses is sufficient cataract treatment Whittier Oaks to help people deal with cataracts. However, once impaired vision affects the ability to do your normal everyday activities, cataract surgery may be required. Surgery is a very common cataract treatment; it is eventually necessary in most cases. If you have any cataract symptoms, you should be evaluated and treated by an eye care professional, such as one of ours at Spare Pair Vision Center, right away.

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