07726 Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes in 07726

07726 dry eye syndrome

07726 dry eye syndrome

If your eyes have begun to feel irritated, and your vision is intermittently blurred, you may have a problem with dry eyes. Dry eyes are often more difficult to manage in the winter months when the air is extremely dry. We hope you will visit us at Spare Pair Vision Center where our optometrist can give you a comprehensive eye exam and determine whether or not you have 07726 dry eye syndrome.

07726 dry eye syndrome is not in of itself a serious eye disease. It can almost always be easily corrected with the use of medicated eye drops. However, if a person has dry eye and it is not treated, they can eventually experience permanent damage to their cornea due to repeated irritation of the cornea. Our eye doctor can determine whether or not you are having problems with dry eyes, and let you know which treatment options will work for you. In the mildest of cases, a patient can use over-the-counter artificial tear solutions to help their dry eyes to feel better. However, in most mild to moderate cases of dry eye, our eye doctor will need to prescribe medicated eye drops for you which will help your eyes to stay well lubricated, and help your eyes with other problems which can lead to dry eye syndrome. In the most serious cases of dry eye, our eye doctor may need to refer you to an eye surgeon who can provide you with surgery which will permanently keep your tear ducts closed. This will help your tears to stay in your eyes for as long as possible. There is also another solution during which tiny plugs are temporarily placed in your tear ducts which will also help tears to stay in your eyes longer. Dry eye syndrome is often worse in winter due to the extremely drying cold winter air and winds. Indoors, patients can also have trouble with forced air heat which creates an extremely dry environment at home or at work.

For diagnosis and treatment of 07726 dry eye syndrome, contact us today for an appointment.

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